SILAMBAM   Indian Stick Fighting






Silambam fencing from India

David Manuel Raj


The Way of the Warrior

Howard Reid, Michael Croucher


Indian Arms and Armour

G.N. Pant


Arms & Armours in Bharat Kala Bhavan

G.N. Pant
Yashodhara Agrawal


A Glossary of Arms and Armor

George Cameron Stone







I present here some interesting litterature on Silambam, or other martial arts, weapons, etc.. that are in some way related to it. They do not reflect the Nilaikalakki style nor my personal point of view, simply they are worth reading.

Documents and litterature in english on Silambam is unfortunately nearly non-existent, making it also unknown to even martial artists themselves.



Silambam fencing from India
This is the first historical book written in english by David Manuel Raj in 1975, and nearly the only one on the subject. It is unfortunately very short (about 180 pages), and does not describe precisely any technique. Very few pictures, and a few and barely understandable drawings. You won't learn Silambam with this book, but still it is a valuable document.
Finally, I also remind you that this book does not reflect the perspective of the Silambam Nilaikkalakki style.
The Way of the Warrior
The Paradox of the Martial Arts
A whole chapter on indian martial arts, and a few lines about Silambam.

Based on the BBC television series.
Indian Arms and Armour
Vol I, II & III
An encyclopedic compilation about indian weapons, in three huge volumes. The content seems to be more dedicated to northern India, though.
Printed in 1978, 1980, 1983 respectively.
A Catalogue of Arms and Armours
in Bharat Kala Bhavan
This is a catalogue of the Bharat Kala Bhavan collection. It presents rare items from the 16th to the 19th century AD. A few of them are from South India, like spearheads.
Published in 1995.
A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of ARMS AND ARMOR in All Countries and in All Times
This book has been first published in 1934, by the collector George Cameron Stone. During his whole life of travels, he made researches, on all sorts of weaponries and in countries such as the Middle East, India, Tibet, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Pacific Islands, Europe, Americas.











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