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Cours de Silambam à Genève




Courses in Silambam



There is no chance you can learn this kind of art by yourself. You absolutely need a Master or a teacher, for the syllabus is long and the traps numerous.

But places to learn this style of Silambam are only two, right now:

  • Penang, near Georgetown, in Malaysia, with Master Anbananthan and his students (highly recommended, of course).

    Mr Munieswaran will handle all requests and questions about the teaching.

  • Annemasse / France and Geneva / Switzerland, with Denis Brunet, a student of Master Anbananthan.

See this page for more informations (in french, en français).
You can mail me if you wish to have more informations.


I do not have knowledge of any other places in the world for this style. Very sorry. But you can visit, try and train with us anytime!







Cours de Silambam (Bâton indien)
à Genève
Cours de Silambam donnés par Denis Brunet à Genève.











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