SILAMBAM   Indian Stick Fighting






Videos of Silambam Nilaikalakki

Denis Brunet


Videos of another school of Silambam

Phillip B. Zarrilli
Denis Brunet




Fixing problems with video playback



Having troubles with the videos?

  • They are all in RealVideo formats, delivered through streaming. If you don't have the RealPlayer to read them, you can dowload it here. Be careful to correctly select the free RealPlayer.


RealPlayer download


  • Target audiences are 56k modem and 256k ADSL lines, the switch being automatic and depending on your connection type and current load. So, if your line gets cluttered during the playback, RealPlayer will switch to a lower quality encoding. The picture will look fuzzy and blocky. Wait for the server to breath a bit, then reload the video.

  • Some of them don't have audio, this is not a problem.













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