SILAMBAM   Indian Stick Fighting






Silambam fencing from India

David Manuel Raj


The Way of the Warrior

Howard Reid, Michael Croucher


Indian Arms and Armour

G.N. Pant


Arms & Armours in Bharat Kala Bhavan

G.N. Pant
Yashodhara Agrawal


A Glossary of Arms and Armor

George Cameron Stone




Indian Arms and Armour
Vol I, II & III

G.N. Pant



Pant - Indian Arms and Armour, 1

An encyclopedic compilation about indian weapons, in three huge volumes. The content seems to be more dedicated to northern India, though.

Printed in 1978, 1980, 1983 respectively.

Bought at the DK Agency.



Volume 1 spans from stone age, Harappan culture, copper hoard weapons, archery, arrow, bow, quiver and mode of shooting.


Volume 2 is on sword, blade, hilt, sheath, dagger and decoration.


Volume 3 contains armour, helmet, shield and other type of armours.







Pant - Indian Arms and Armour, 3Pant - Indian Arms and Armour, 2













G.N. Pant














Publisher S. Attar Singh, Army Educational Stores

22/1A Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-I

New Delhi-110028 India












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