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Indian4world Some brief descriptions of sports, games and martial arts (though not totally accurate for Silambam...)
Varma Kalai in France It's in french, but should come also in english later
Varma Kalai Unoffical site of Varma Kalai from Master Zacria, both in french and english / dossier Arts Martiaux In french, a special edition on Indian martial arts. The site itself (also in english) is about the indian community living in the Reunion island
KalariWorld / silambam Weapons It's about Kalari, but it talks a bit about Silambam



A lot about French Boxing, and some relation to India. Search for it!

Sao Lim Hood Khar Pai in Geneva (in french)

Another Sao Lim in Geneva (in french)

About french canne and baton, some explanations & videos. In french.

Elizabethian Rapier fencing

rec.martial-arts FAQ

Some very good sense advice for beginners, and the others as well... / xingyiquan

xingyiquan, some nice videos / wsfflinks World Stick Fencing Federation, links













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