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Videos of Silambam Nilaikalakki

Denis Brunet


Videos of another school of Silambam

Phillip B. Zarrilli
Denis Brunet




Videos of Silambam Nilaikalakki

Denis Brunet



Here are a few videos on our style of Silambam.

These are for your information only, and are absolutely not intended for any sort of teaching. Watch them, but don't try to imitate, for your very health sake as it is very easy to hit somebody, yourself, or slowly damage some of your joints or tendons!

Also, the videos are only partial samples that are far from showing the full scope of this school. As you don't run on a single foot, find a teacher if you want to learn it!


Slow or fast, all the videos are shown at their true speed (I have seen quite a few sites showing subtely accelerated motions, but it doesn't help that much in real life!).



Having troubles while reading the videos? see here...


Basic exercices

Spinning techniques are the very first exercices. They have to be repeated a lot, both to achieve technical perfection but also to strengthen the body.



Spinning from below

This one is spinning from below, indicating the resulting strike would be given from below.






Spinning on top

And this one is spinning on top, for the same reason.







Spinning on both directions

Finally, the third exercice combines the two previous ones, therefore spinning in both directions.







Predefined sequences


Pattern, or predefined, exercice

Here is an excerpt of a pattern, or a predefined sequence of techniques. They reuse some of the basic techniques, and introduce some new ones. They are the source of infinite findings when thoroughly repeated.

There are two series of patterns, of respectively 7 and 10 patterns.



Free sequences


Free sequence exercice, but made from the predefined patterns - 1

Later on, it is required to freely chain the learned techniques into a free flow of techniques. This increases proficiency and memory.

Also, they can be played in different modes, meant for different purposes. The three shown here are on the flowing mode.



Free sequence exercice, but made from the predefined patterns - 2

Girls are also very proficient in Silambam, just see how.







Free sequence exercice, but made from the predefined patterns - 3

And some advanced students are both fast and accurate.










Footworks in a free flow sequence

Actually, this style has a LOT of different footworks to be mastered, and this feature seems to be very specific to it.

Here are shown some kind of a free flow of footworks, taken from series of predefined ones (not shown here). It is important here to correctly synchronize the footwork and the stick work.




You may have noticed that the training has been done alone so far. This will take some years for the student until he/she will handle more or less correctly the stick. Then only they can gradually do some sparring, slowly and friendly at first, then faster and stronger.



Blocking in a free flow sequence

This video shows free flows of hits and blocks, given alternatively by the two exponents.






Sparring in a free sequenceThis one is a bit less flowing, and a little more on the strike side. Roles are not predefined and easily change between attacker and defender.


















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