SILAMBAM   Indian Stick Fighting






Videos of Silambam Nilaikalakki

Denis Brunet


Videos of another school of Silambam

Phillip B. Zarrilli
Denis Brunet




Videos of another school of Silambam

Phillip B. Zarrilli
Denis Brunet



These videos are from another school, but they are very interesting, as they clearly share some common characteristics with our own style. I just put them here for information purposes only.



These videos were taken from a film done by ©Phillip Zarrilli, who kindly authorized me to put some excerpts here. Thanks again Phillip.


Unfortunately, he could not recall where exactly it was shot, and who were this master and his students. If anybody there in India has a idea or cue, please let us know, we would greatly appreciate!

It should be around the Thiruvananthapuram area, though.



The following comments are only mines, and may not reflect what this school would say about these sequences...



Solo in flowing sticks

Spinning exercices, maybe a pattern, in solo.








Footworks, in solo.







Hits and blocks, sparring

Free sparring with partner.







Hits and blocks

Variations on hits and blocks, with a partner.







Madus, double deer horns

Defending with Madus (or Deerhorns), with a partner.

















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